Christian Philippi, lawyer lawyer for tenancy law and housing law
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Christian Philippi, Partner

lawyer specializing in tenancy law and housing law

Location: Halle

Specialization: tenancy law, housing law, penal law

  • Round Table Germany
Languages: German, English

Telephone: +49 [0]345 2918571
Telefax: +49 [0]345 2918570

Christian Philippi studied law at the Martin-Luther University in Halle-Wittenberg and passed both juristic state examinations as one of the region’s best students. During his periods of study and training in a notary chancellery and several law chancelleries, he was a juristic co-worker and since 2000 has been a practising lawyer. In 2006 he was nominated by the lawyers’ chamber of the state Sachsen-Anhalt a lawyer specializing in tenancy law and housing law.

He mainly advises firms on all aspects of tenancy law and housing law, especially about the design of business premises, contracts for renting flats, questions arising for groups of property owners, building owners and housing managers, housing firms and societies of landlords. He is continually advising firms which rent rooms as their business premises. He also defends clients in court and advises them on the possible penal consequences of planned business procedures.

Christian Philippi is known for his publications and lectures on tenancy law and housing law.