Detlef Bischoff, lawyer
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Detlef Bischoff, Partner


Location: Leipzig

Specialization: company law, commercial law, tax law

  • Honorary Consul for the Republic of Malta in Saxony Anhalt
  • Member of the executive committee of the lawyers’ chamber in the state of Saxony Anhalt
  • Consulting member on the committee of the Ministry of Justice of the state of Saxony Anhalt for the GmbH law reform
  • Permanent member in the legal committee of the German Chambers of Industry and Commerce, Berlin
  • Member of the legal committee of Dt. Bauchemieverband, Frankfurt / M.
  • Member of the plenary assembly of the Industry and Trade Chamber IHK Halle-Dessau
  • Lecturer at the Hochschule Anhalt (FH), Economic Department - Immobilienwirtschaft/Real Estate Development
  • President of Marketing Clubs Halle (Saale) e.V.
  • Member of the Supervisory Board of the University Hospitals in Leipzig
  • Chairman of the Supervisory Council of several business enterprises, church and non-profit making companies and foundations
  • Founder and organizer of the IMMOBIL real estate exhibition in Halle (Saale)
  • Member of the Board of LIONS Clubs Halle an der Saale
Languages: German, English, French

Telephone: +49 [0]341/350-58620
Telefax: +49 [0]341/350-58628

Detlef Bischoff began studying law in 1981 and took up basic studies in economics at the universities of Freiburg i.Brsg., Germany and Lausanne, Switzerland. In addition to economic and tax law, he concentrated on European and international law.

After passing his first law examination in 1988, he worked as post-graduate trainee at the district court of Offenburg/BW, regional administration board for Freiburg i. Brsg. and a big law firm with international activities in Basle, Switzerland. He was registered as lawyer in 1991.

From 1992, lawyer Bischoff, together with lawyer Gussner, formed and managed the law firm of Bischoff & Gussner, at that time a co-partnership with the law firm of Schindhelm & Pfisterer, Pforzheim/BW, in Halle (Saale).

While setting up his law firm, lawyer Bischoff acquired first shares the Connex Steuer- und Wirtschaftsberatung Steuerberatungsgesellschaft tax and economic consultancy firm in 1993. In 1994, lawyer Bischoff became managing director of both law firms with sole representation power. Today, the CONNEX GROUP under the management of lawyer Bischoff has offices at 37 locations in Saxony, Saxony Anhalt and Thuringia and a staff of almost 400. This places CONNEX among the biggest consultancy firms in Germany.

As it developed, the law firm of BGPS Bischoff, Gussner & Petersen, Schmidkonz became one of Central Germany’s best-known partnerships - repeatedly chosen as best partnership in Central Germany by the specialist publisher JUVE. Mr. Bischoff himself is one of the lawyers most quoted.

A new strategic orientation in January 2007 resulted in the formation of the law firm of BISCHOFF Lawyers and the merger of the firms of BISCHOFF and HÜMMERICH & PARTNER on 1 April 2007.

In the area of company and tax law, Mr. Bischoff looks after company purchases and sales, he acts as adviser to cities and communities in all economic matters affecting municipal corporations and oversees company successors. He also takes care of any type of transformation processes in these fields.

He manages estates as trustee and administrator. In the field of private wealth management, he acts in an advisory capacity for clients, particularly clients with a complex consultancy profile.

Mr. Bischoff lectures regularly for banks and their customers as well as chambers and societies.