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about us

"Hümmerich & Bischoff", lawyers and accountants in Halle, Potsdam and Dresden, is a chancellery standing for personal and well founded advice with competence and distinction.

Anchored in the German midlands since 1991, we advise and represent medium-sized enterprises in the region, of which an increasing number are international, as well as publicly owned bodies, non-profit-making organisations, free-lancers and private persons.

"The often recommended chancellery in Halle"
JUVE-Handbook of Business Chancelleries, 2003/2004

The legal problems of times of social and economic change as well as the personal living conditions of our clients are known to us intimately. This background is the basis for our successful advice.

"Hümmerich & Bischoff" is on the doorstep and offers a continuity of advisors and reliability.
Clients profit from forensic experience and reputation garnered in many years of professional practice on the spot and elsewhere as well as circumspection in the resolution of conflicts, even outside courts.