Jan Böttcher, accountant employee for taxation
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Jan Böttcher

employee for taxation

Location: Halle (Saale)

  • drawing up tax accounts for individuals and firms
  • yearly balancing of accounts and declaration of profits
  • book-keeping of finances and wages
Languages: German, English

Telephone: +49 [0]345 2918541
Telefax: +49 [0]345 2918400
E-Mail: jan.boettcher@huemmerich-partner.de

In 1990, after his A-levels and obligatory period of military service, Mr Jan Böttcher began studying to be an accountant and successfully qualified in 1990. He then worked for the tax-advisor Herbert Weber, the long-standing partner of “HÜMMERICH & PARTNER”.

Through further study and daily practice, Jan Böttcher deepened and broadened his knowledge of tax law, book-keeping of finances and wages and the balancing of accounts. In April 2000 he passed an examination for the balancing of accounts from the Chamber of Industry and Trade in Halle-Dessau.

After the sudden death of accountant Herbert Weber in January 2006, Jan Böttcher was appointed his successor in July of the same year and took over his work in the tax-advisory decemat at "HÜMMERICH & PARTNER"

Jan Böttcher now has long experience in the yearly balancing of accounts and in all kinds of obligatory taxation. His activities focus on various fields ranging from finance book-keeping for firms to the balancing of accounts at yearly or other intervals. Moreover he has comprehensive knowledge of accountancy in the field of wages and salaries and of the tallying taxes and social security deductions. Hence he guides firms through regular scrutiny by the finance office or the social security agent.