Dr. Ralf Kleemann, lawyer lawyer for building and architecture law
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Dr. Ralf Kleemann, Partner

lawyer specializing in building and architecture law

Location: Halle (Saale)

Specialization: building and architecture law and immovables law

  • Work committee for private building and architecture law in the German lawyers association, German Society for Building Law e.V.
Languages: German and English as well as the basics of French and Spanish

Telephone: + 49 [0] 345/2118531
Telefax: + 49 [0] 345/2918530
E-Mail: ralf.kleemann@huemmerich-partner.de

The lawyer Dr Ralf Kleemann was born on 11.03.1962 as the first child of the later ministry advisor in the German finance ministry, Dr. jur. Waldemar Kleemann, and his wife Rita Kleemann, née Wimmer, in Berlin-Zehlendorf. From 1968 to 1972 he attended the primary schools in Bonn-Beuel and Königswinter and from 1972 to 1980 the Ernst-Kalkuhl grammar school in Bonn-Oberkassel, where passed his A-levels in 1981.

After spending his obligatory period of military service as a tank-gunner in Hamburg, he began studying law in 1983 at the Rhine’s Friedrich-Wilhelm University in Bonn. He rounded his studies off in 1988 with the first juristic state examination in front of the upper state court in Cologne.

He began his practical training in August 1989 in the upper state court district Cologne, his main service branch being the state court in Bonn. In 1992 he passed the second juristic state examination in front of the state justice examination office in Nordrhein-Westfalen.

In the period from the beginning of March 1985 to July the same year he gained practical experience in the department for tax law of the Siemens Capital Corporation in New York City. From July to September he then worked for the US lawyers office Walther, Conston & Schurtman, P.C. From September 1985 to March 1986 he spent a voluntary period in the German-South American Bank AG (Dresden bank-group) in Panama..

From the start of 1989 till the end of 1990 he worked in the court-case department of the chancellery Boden, Oppenhoff & Schneider in Cologne.

Since 1992 lawyer Kleemann has been a permitted lawyer in Cologne, since 1996 in Halle/Saale and since January 1998 also at OLG Naumburg.

His activity as a lawyer centres on private building law and engineering and architecture law. The special field of study ‘building and architecture law’ was covered by him successfully in the period from 21.04 till 08.10.2005. Since 24.03.2006 lawyer Dr. Kleemann has been entitled to bear the tallying title as a specialist lawyer.

From January 1996 till October 2000 he was a sozius in the renowned environmental chancellery Köhler, Klett, Bock & Gerhold in Cologne, Halle/Saale and Brüssels. Since October 2000 he has continued his work as a lawyer at the chancellery Hümmerich & Partner.

Lawyer Dr. Kleemann finished working on a doctorate on 07.06.2005 (the day of the oral examination), his theme being ‘The Protection of third parties in public law comparative contracts’. His supervisor was Prof. Dr. Jürgen Salzwedel at Bonn University.

Lawyer Dr. Kleemann is a member of the work committee for private building and architecture law in the German lawyers association. He is also a member of the German Society for Building Law e.V. registered in Frankfurt/Main.

He lectures on problems of building and architecture law to the Association of Experts on Building in Germany e.V., to the chamber of industry and trade in Halle-Dessau and to banks. He has his own column with legal tips in a newspaper issued to members by the chamber of manual work.

He is also on the board of the rotary club ‘Halle-Saal District’, over which he presided in 2004/5.

Since 09.12.2005 he has been the chairman of the advisory board of KLARON HOLDIG AG from Merseburg.

Since 1999 lawyer Dr. Kleemann has been giving legal tips to listeners to Radio Brocken every Tuesday and Thursday morning.